Jobless and Undocumented Immigrants

FullSizeRender (3)To the mass imagery, the concept of law is good. Unfortunately for y’all information, to be lawful has nothing to do with being ethical, it is not a synonym with moral; so if you are following the law, you are not necessarily acting under any principles or values. In the other hand, if you break the law, you are not automatically a criminal.

Being a United States citizen, which once emigrated from the Dominican Republic and have had to deny work opportunities to undocumented fellas, is where weird circumstances had led me; in order to comply with my workplace policies, which are ultimate the states policies. It is not easy for me to be an obstacle to a hardworking human being with angst of a better future for themselves and their families, an obstacle that is at the end, a merely representation of a whole system of ironic precepts. Working at a staffing agency, specialized in recruiting light industrial personnel (for factories) —the default job for unskilled immigrants in general—, has challenged every day, my emotional stability. I have come to see many of my fellow Latin Americans, get through all kinds of struggles: from not being able to fill out a job application due to the fact it’s in English and they are not even close of grasping a bit of the language, to not even being literate in their mother languages, most of the time Spanish. Then you give meditation to the fact that risking their life in smuggling through the border, was just going to be the first of the hardships many of these people would bear.

Complying with policies and laws should not make anybody feel lousy, since enforcing the later, should be a good thing for our society. Then I retrospect into our history and realize the amount of mistakes we have already committed. What makes us thing that now, the current migratory policies are the right ones? What makes us thing we have arrived to the pinnacle of ideal society procedures? The peak of equality it is nowhere to be close, indeed.

Not so long ago, it was legitimate to snatch the land of the Native Americans, to own another person as a slave, to hunt woman as witch and to operate under institutionalized racism. Now we look as such happenings as something to be ashamed of, not suitable for a democratic society as ours. We understand that since we have surpassed all those dark chapters of our historic process, ought to feel pride ‘cause we have advanced plenty. Haven’t we?

There is a current exodus of people from West Africa, North Africa and Middle East, which pretend to scape hunger, war, economical backwardness and ultimately, death. Eritrea, Syria, Afghanistan and many others are seeing their families smuggle out to the dream land of Europe, which put us in a globalized perspective of how not only the platitude of Mexicans-crossing-the-borders is exclusive to a single population. People under many circumstances has seen themselves having to leave behind their homeland out of necessity. Isn’t the United States of America build out of European immigrants, because as far as I am concerned the true Americans —and I am deliberately using this term wrong, because Americans are every single one in the western continent— are now confined to reservoirs.

When is it “legal” to close a border to a needy soul, when is it that we have to assume a supremacist posture (out of ignorance or indifference), when is it right to deny the opportunity of employment to somebody that their only crime is to have risked their life, in order to cross a border of stagnancy towards improvement. Should the political country divisions be actually tangible?

The Fishy Story of Columbus

FullSizeRender (2)As far as we know, the new world —the American Continent— was discovered by some “brave” dude on 1492. As far as I know, the Tainos were already living there and had a very organized society with political, economic and religious structure before they found Christopher Columbus, the renowned explorer, lost at the sea.

I do not know whose creative writer is behind the composition of history books and how much are they paying him for, but one thing is for sure, he or she is being effective into selling people fiction for history. Who might be the one managing such evil enterprise, other than the “winner” of these outrageous wars? (Wars in which only one side was able to actually fight).There is not perspective of the loser, there’s no the other ring of the bell; we have a biased version of the reality which at the end of the day have its own political purpose.

This discoverer and explorer greatest “accomplishment” was in fact the extermination of a whole race. Let’s be honest, not all of us can say we have the power to lash out so many out of interest conflicts; he carries in his shoulders one of the most atrocious genocides ever committed and less spoken and discussed about.

Fray Bartolome de Las casas, was one of the few that counted and recorded in his dairy the amount of indigenous people that were murdered, with and ending account of three millions. But they were not only murdered, they were enslaved, they were raped, tortured, fed to the dogs, put to forced labor in mines; creating a chaos out of their ignorance/innocence to finally destroy their world as they used to know it. This lead into mass suicides in which many within an aborigine jurisdiction would dispose their life. Mothers would kill their own Childs in order to take them away from such a bitter reality of abuse. These people were desperate to scape their present by any means. Their gods must had forsaken them, I guess they would though.

Monarchy, the worst of all institutions funded by men, the reason that pushed the French revolution, was of course funding this greed voyages. This was not for the sake of art, King Ferdinand and queen Isabel, Spain’s head of state at the time, were thirsty of power and wealth, a thirst that a thousand Gatorades could not have quenched. They ended up budgeting a genocide lead by the Honorable for whom we celebrate every October 12.

Let us not forget the fact all of this was connected and promoted by the Catholic Church. The Native Americans infidels, as the Islam extremist would call them, needed to be brought upon Christianity, and there we had of course that spiritual (religious) excuse to justify such society cancer known as colonialism; because I doubt God had anything to do with appointing them in lead of these archaic people to be shown into modernity and Christianity, as these European all used to claim.

Funny thing is that Columbus —despite the low standards on human rights and equality by the time— found himself being hugged by chains (arrested) and kind of deported back to Spain; he was forcefully released from his ruling due to cruelty against the natives. He ended up being incarcerated for a period of time.

A meme with a picture of Native Americans it’s running on social media with a message on it that says “Homeland Security” “Fighting Terrorism since 1492”. This is quite subversive to the norm this society has implanted in our minds. It challenges our views to stand at an opposite approach that differs and defies everything as we know it.

Our “guy” was at the end of the day, the founding father of Slavery trade in America. If we do the math, guess what happened after the Spanish colonists exterminated most of their Taino servants? Who were the ones to replace them? Who were going to be the ones to keep building their cities? Black men.

All of this story reminds me of The Aeneid, which is a text requested to the poet Virgilio by the Caesar August. He ought to write the roman history and to portray how their ancestor were justifiably connected to the gods. This ended up being quite mythological, instead of a reliable source, this over the time of course; it was first history, then over the centuries, literature. So know that I think about it, the history courses we had taken at school should be considered to be re-baptized, and change their name to something that would suit better such as: “Bullshit” or better yet “Political Agenda”

We ought not to repeat mistakes from the past. This kind of happenings which are imperative for all of us to know, not just from one angle, but from every single one them, can make us take a more accurate perception of our reality and grasp what is based upon into our subconscious in order to manage the present successfully. As a result, we would not have Christopher Columbus being a synonym of something he quite do not represents. Demagoguery is a tool used against the citizens not only at times when a certain amount of votes is needed, but also when our path needs to be shaped and our steps controlled.

Overall, I might be arbitrary by judging the ending of the middle Ages from a modern perspective, which it is not necessarily objective, but we certainly need to pass moderation on the events that had serve as foundation of our future: our past.

A Colonial Crisis

FullSizeRenderI did not acknowledge Puerto Rico’s economic situation was chaotic, until I took a plane myself and scape from the island, to become part of the “runaway” influx heading to the states for a surviving opportunity —and not necessarily a better way of life as many would expect—. The human capital, which it’s the population in which depends the foundation of a sustainable society, and not a dependent (which it’s our current) it’s heading the fuck out, leaving a gap of no leaders for an alternative future.

I am not staying in the island, because the system itself it is not headed to shape up self-development and self-investment. This is not a recent thing, though. Ever since the FBI threatened Luis Muñoz Marin, once exercising power as the first insular governor, with filtering to the public the fact he was an opium addict, grew into a crucial moment in which that figure had to think twice before acting, but to act according the metropolis interests. Not after so many years of wander form north to south, back and forth. He did not want to lose his brand new political career in front of a whole country, so bitch had to do what a bitch had to do. At least J. Edgar gave people the option to keep their secret life secret, the same way he could keep secret his affair with another men.

Many things had happened before and after. As of right now, the fiscal crisis is devouring everybody in the once called the Caribbean showcase. No funding from the federal government it’s going to be enough to disguise the impaling truth, and no sales tax impositions are going to be that effective as to fix a problem that nothing has to do with monetary shortage but with the foundation itself of a whole state and a way of doing things.

Many are afraid of a change; many are indeed afraid of independence, complying that if happening, many of the Puerto Ricans would have to move to United States in despair due an overshoot because of the incapability of Puerto Ricans sustaining themselves. Exactly as Luis Muñoz Marin though himself, obstructing in two occasions that opportunity for the country before the congress, only Gods knows why. No economic stability, no jobs, and not a healthy outlook to the future would be in the table if that had happened. That’s when I ironically say, all of the above is happening, yet the island is not autonomous nor independent, where is the turning point to this situation then?

The status quo has long gone stopped working; ELA, the Commonwealth it’s a lake of stagnant waters that is drowning everybody in its stench. Yet we are not ready for a change; we fear it might affects us. Well, it seems that the way our honorable governor “Agapito” it’s slapping us in the face with its every move it’s not yet hard enough. It’s very clear he does not identifies with the populus, but with the ruling elite instead, which seems untouchable by the crisis, and we the poor are the ones paying for it. We are the ones paying off the mistakes made along the line.

We have had many Dr. Rhoads, killing the most Puerto Ricans they can and the ones that survive would get infected with cancer; that has been norm against the country for so long. The Ponce massacre —”the only time the us government has deployed against its own citizens”— has kept happening in many different levels of our lives, ripping apart the people that supposedly cannot live off themselves yet have helped fulfilled another nation thirst.

Today I grieve of impotence, because I cannot take my children to pick up quarters people intentionally dropped at the Paseo de Diego in Río Piedras, as my mother use to take me in better times. They’ll need them now to pay for their food taxes and either way, I can no longer afford to live in Borinken my motherland.